Class CanandcoderDetails


public class CanandcoderDetails extends Object
Contains all the constants used by the Canandcoder and related classes (as to not pollute their public namespaces)
  • Field Details

    • kMsg_PositionOutput

      public static final int kMsg_PositionOutput
      Message id for Position frame
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    • kMsg_VelocityOutput

      public static final int kMsg_VelocityOutput
      Message id for Velocity frame
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    • kMsg_RawPositionOutput

      public static final int kMsg_RawPositionOutput
      Message id for Raw position frame
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    • kMsg_SettingCommand

      public static final int kMsg_SettingCommand
      Message id for setting control command
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    • kMsg_SetSetting

      public static final int kMsg_SetSetting
      Message id for update setting on device
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    • kMsg_ReportSetting

      public static final int kMsg_ReportSetting
      Message id for setting value report from device
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    • kMsg_ClearStickyFaults

      public static final int kMsg_ClearStickyFaults
      Message id for clear device sticky faults
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    • kMsg_Status

      public static final int kMsg_Status
      Message id for status frames
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    • kMsg_PartyMode

      public static final int kMsg_PartyMode
      Message id for party mode
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    • kStg_ZeroOffset

      public static final byte kStg_ZeroOffset
      setting id for Encoder zero offset
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    • kStg_VelocityWindow

      public static final byte kStg_VelocityWindow
      setting id for Velocity window width (value*250us)
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    • kStg_PositionFramePeriod

      public static final byte kStg_PositionFramePeriod
      setting id for Position frame period (ms)
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    • kStg_VelocityFramePeriod

      public static final byte kStg_VelocityFramePeriod
      setting id for Velocity frame period (ms)
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    • kStg_RawPositionFramePeriod

      public static final byte kStg_RawPositionFramePeriod
      setting id for Raw position frame period (ms)
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    • kStg_InvertDirection

      public static final byte kStg_InvertDirection
      setting id for Invert direction (use cw instead of ccw)
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    • kStg_RelativePosition

      public static final byte kStg_RelativePosition
      setting id for Relative position value
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    • kStg_DisableZeroButton

      public static final byte kStg_DisableZeroButton
      setting id for Disable the zero button
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    • kStg_StatusFramePeriod

      public static final byte kStg_StatusFramePeriod
      setting id for status frame period (ms)
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    • kStgCmd_ResetFactoryDefaultKeepZero

      public static final byte kStgCmd_ResetFactoryDefaultKeepZero
      setting command for Factory defaults, but keep the encoder zero offset
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    • kStgCmd_FetchSettings

      public static final byte kStgCmd_FetchSettings
      setting command for Fetch all settings from device
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    • kStgCmd_ResetFactoryDefault

      public static final byte kStgCmd_ResetFactoryDefault
      setting command for Reset everything to factory default
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    • kStgCmd_FetchSettingValue

      public static final byte kStgCmd_FetchSettingValue
      setting command for Fetch individual setting
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