Class CanandDeviceDetails


public class CanandDeviceDetails extends Object
Contains all the constants used by CanandDevice and are generally common to all Redux devices.
  • Field Details

    • kMsg_SettingCommand

      public static final int kMsg_SettingCommand
      Message index for setting control command
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    • kMsg_SetSetting

      public static final int kMsg_SetSetting
      Message index for update setting on device
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    • kMsg_ReportSetting

      public static final int kMsg_ReportSetting
      Message index for setting value report from device
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    • kMsg_ClearStickyFaults

      public static final int kMsg_ClearStickyFaults
      Message index for Clear device sticky faults
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    • kMsg_Status

      public static final int kMsg_Status
      Message index for Status frame
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    • kMsg_PartyMode

      public static final int kMsg_PartyMode
      Message index for Party mode
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    • kStg_StatusFramePeriod

      public static final byte kStg_StatusFramePeriod
      Setting index for Status frame period (ms)
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    • kStg_SerialNumber

      public static final byte kStg_SerialNumber
      Setting index for Serial number
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    • kStg_FirmwareVersion

      public static final byte kStg_FirmwareVersion
      Setting index for Firmware version
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    • kStgCmd_FetchSettings

      public static final byte kStgCmd_FetchSettings
      Setting command index for Fetch all settings from device
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    • kStgCmd_ResetFactoryDefault

      public static final byte kStgCmd_ResetFactoryDefault
      Setting command index for Reset settings to factory default
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    • kStgCmd_FetchSettingValue

      public static final byte kStgCmd_FetchSettingValue
      Setting command index for Fetches a single setting from device
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